Citizen's Charter

Citizen's Charter

As part of the Local Government Academy’s commitment to accountability and good governance this citizens’ charter was developed and designed as a mechanism to eliminate bureaucratic red tape and to promote transparency in every transaction.

Known as SPEED Services or Simple Processes for Effective and Efficient Delivery of Services, this comics-strip-type guide streamlines LGA’s business processes to ensure optimum client satisfaction via shortened transaction time and client-friendly measures. This guide offers options and flexible steps that built on the experiences, standards and systems in the delivery of our frontline services in the past. Nonetheless, innovative measures are prescribed herein to meet the emerging trends and cope with the future expectations and requirements that will be encountered by LGA as a more robust and competitive organization. The rationale underlining the development of the SPEED Services is to therefore help develop an environment striving for excellence and to build adequate and formal system for LGA personnel to improve the level of service standards given the current strategic trend that the LGA is pursuing. Simply put this document serves as a living document which is sensitive to LGA’s past and is responsive to the future.

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